Who Benefits Now?

Who Benefits now?
On Saturday, 24th March, 2012, I went to buy some bottles of drinking water Jemok Petroleum Limited Asaba, one of the companies that produce drinking water in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria where I live. As I came out of the premises, I took an earth road by the side of MTN walk-in Centre Asaba. Just as I got to the end of the road and negotiated right around 9:00 am local time the sight that confronted me was startling.
Fortunately for me, just at that moment I saw one of my cousins which made me to stop

and it was through her I made enquiries of what I saw. There sitting on bare ground was a man of about 40 years. He was covered from the crown of his head to the soul of his feet with what look like cream colour oil paint. Many people stood around him and the man bent his head.
I was prompt to ask that my cousin Gloria who the man was and what actually happened. I was throwing the questions in quick succession not waiting for her to give an answer before I asked the second. I was very enthusiastic to know that was why I was pilling the questions one after another.
She told me that the young man lives within that neighbourhood and he is married. On that fateful day; 24th March, 2012, he has some misunderstanding with the wife. The misunderstanding led to serious quarrel. At that point, the wife of the young man took the water she was boiling and pour it

on the husband. This made him ran out of the house and neighbours came with different items to ease the pain and effects of the burn.
I then asked Gloria if the man was beating the wife that made the wife resort to pouring the boiling water on the husband. She responded by telling me that according the eye witness, the quarrel had not gone into fighting. I shook my head. The thought that came to my mind was ‘Who benefits in all these?’
Most people who do not know how to manage marriage problems have allowed their marriage to deteriorate to unmanageable state: divorce or separation. Management of marriage problem is fundamental to the success and bliss of any marriage. Now that the woman could not manage her problem but have escalated it what will she do? If non - provision of money by the husband resulted in the quarrel will the money now come out? Is she not going to leave other responsibilities and start caring for the husband as long as he would be in the hospital under admission? Who has benefited in her pouring boiling water on the husband?
People should learn to exercise restraint when there is a problem between them and other people. It will pay you a lot of good to restrain yourself and keep your cool. If this woman had done that, she will not be regretting now. This is a lesson for us to be careful in all we do and never to be rash in taking some decisions.

Article Written By Tabu

I am a born again Christian and priest; an author who also writes and publish a daily devotion - MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD. I love making friends, reading and writing.

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  • nbillett  11-04-2017
    This is sad. Did the man survive the burn? You are right. people have difficulty dealing with problems in a relationship. That is why mediation and conflict resolution are becoming popular today to assist the courts in handling disputes.
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