What Makes Marriages Unstable 2?

What Makes Marriages Unstable 2?

What Makes Marriages Unstable 2?
In part one of these articles on ‘What makes Marriages unstable’ I gave some definition of what marriage is all about and there I mention two things that makes marriage unstable. Read about it here: http://expertscolumn.com/content/what-makes-marriages-unstable-1. They are lack of understanding of what marriage is all about and unwillingness to help one’s spouse develop his/her potential. In other words, when you try as much as you can to suppress or discourage your spouse in his/her chosen career. There are other reasons why marriages are unstable.    
Unwillingness to reveal your past is another factor that makes

marriage unstable. Most people enter into marriage not telling their spouse about their past. This is a willful act of inviting problem into your marriage. Every human has a past. The spouse that tells you his/her past is the one that loves you. When any of the spouses in marriage does not reveal his/her past, has succeeded in setting up a time bomb which is just waiting for an opportune time to explode. When finally the truth comes out, it becomes a snare to the marriage. Diverse problems will stem out of it. This is one of the reasons why some marriages are unstable.
Entering into marriage to satisfy third party is another reason why most marriages are unstable. There was this young man who brought a lady from the city to her mother in the village. Her mother refused to accept the lady on the condition she is from the city and ‘should’ be wise. She insisted that the son will not marry that lady. Being an only child and son, tried to please the mother. He married the mother’s choice against his wish and when the lady came in, she became so wild, dating other men and became a drunk. When it became unbearable for the young man after many evidences of her infidelity and unfaithfulness, he bundled her back to her

mother in the village and went back to the former girl. When one marries to satisfy a third party against one’s wish will always result to unstable marriage.        
Lack of industry in any of the spouse can result to unstable marriage. Naturally, it is the duty of the man to provide for the woman and his family. However, modern day demands that the couple should have something doing for a living to pay bills and live comfortably. In a situation where the woman is not willing to work insisting that it is the duty of the man to provide, such marriage will be unstable. On the other hand, any marriage where the husband is the lazy time and cannot fend for the family will be unstable.   
Finally on this part 2, a marriage will become unstable when the lady is domineering. There are women who naturally are domineering. They want to lord ideas, views and opinions on their husband. Naturally, some ladies have domineering spirit. Some in their families have elder brothers and they lord things over them. They will not want to believe that they are their juniors or even behave same. They will want to have their ways in all things. When you marry such person, she will definitely carry it to your house and start lording things over you and mothering you as if you are incapable of taking your own decision. If you are the type that does not accommodate such from your juniors, you will find it hard to cope with her. She will want to lord ideas and views on you thus making you a puppet. The resultant effect will be unstable marriage. Watch out for part 3.

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