Thank You Friends For Keeping Me In Expertscolumn

Thank You Friends 
I signed up for Expertscolumn as Tabu on March 25, 2012 and wrote my column for the first time. The first column posted was Devotion for February 25, 2012. That same day, I also wrote other columns. They are Learn how to keep your cool – Self Control, Responsibilities of Parents in their Children’s Marriage and Choose your word before you talk. So far I have I have 42 articles in my column which is more than one column per day. Below is the statistics of my activities in Expertscolumn from 25 February 2012 to 25 March

Responsibilities of Parents in Their Children’s Marriage                                           118 Views
Choose Your Words before You Talk                                                                        105 Views
Between Nigerian and India 2                                                                                    102 Views
Devotion for Feb. 25, 2012                                                                                           88 Views
Between Nigeria and India 1                                                                                        84 Views
News Commentary on 2012 World Kidney Day in Delta State Nigeria                        81 Views
Learn how to keep your cool - Self Control                                                                  71 Views
The Compassionate God: Devotion for Mar. 2, 2012                                                   70 Views
Prodigal Son Devotion for Feb 26                                                                                55 Views
Enemy to Your Enemies: Devotion for Mar. 1 2012                                                     50 Views
Your Refuge and Shield Devotion for Feb 28, 2012                                                     42 Views
Greed and Its consequences: A Case of Auto Drivers in India                                     41 Views     
Strength and Peace from God - Devotion March 15, 2012                                           40 Views
Sun with Healing Devotion for March 6, 2012                                                               37 Views
I Agree with Tiki33: Triond is not Faithful                                                                      33 Views
The Fearless Triumphs: Devotion for Feb 29, 2012                                                      31 Views
What Makes Marriages Unstable 2?                                                                             30 Views
Success not by Strength – Devotion for March 11, 2012                                              29 Views
Character an Essential Factor in Accepting Marriage Proposal                                    29 Views
Determinants of True Character in Accepting Marriage Proposal                                 29 Views
No Curse Will Touch You Devotion of March 9, 2012                                                   28 Views
How to be Established - Devotion for Feb 27, 2012                                                      27 Views
Helping the Helpless Devotion for March 10, 2012                                                       26 Views
Cheer Up My Beloved - Devotion for March 3 2012                                                      25 Views
New Things – Devotion for March 14, 2012                                                                  22 Views
Covenant of Passover Devotion for March 9, 2012                                                       20 Views
Joy at last: Devotion for March 22, 2012                                                                       19 Views
He Never Forgets the Needy – Devotion for March 12, 2012                                       19 Views
He Will Do It Again: Devotion for March 24, 2012                                                        18 Views
Not forsaken as Orphan Devotion for March 5, 2012                                                   18 Views
Our Amour and Protection: Devotion for March 16, 2012                                            16 Views
What Makes Marriages Unstable 3?                                                                            16 Views
Your Children will not be Trouble – Devotion for March 18, 2012                                15 Views
Alpha and Omega: Devotion for March 21, 2012                                                         15 Views
Posses It – Devotion for March 8, 2012                                                                       15 Views
Complete Joy: Devotion for March 23, 2012                                                                15 Views
Mountain Made Flat: Devotion March 25, 2012                                                           15 Views
What Makes Marriages Unstable 1?                                                                            15 Views
A Land Prepared For You – Devotion for March 20, 2012                                           14 Views
When God Vindicates - Devotion for March 7, 2012                                                    14 Views
Dominion over Lions and Snakes – Devotion for March 17, 2012                               11 Views
Views on these columns - 1717
Total views – 1717These views and little progress I have made so far was the efforts of YOU my friends. Presently I have 20 friends and I hope to triple my friends in the next one month. Your views and comments were source of inspiration which stimulated me to stay in Expertscolumn. Thank you all for this has encouraged me and I hope to write more on my column. I have set a target for myself here in Expertscolumn and will make it public soon. As you keep encouraging me by viewing and commenting on my columns, I will keep posting to my column. Thank You. 

Article Written By Tabu

I am a born again Christian and priest; an author who also writes and publish a daily devotion - MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD. I love making friends, reading and writing.

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  • nbillett  11-04-2017
    Quite impressive. I bet by now you have surpass your goals tremendously. You are a valuable member, friend and contributor. Keep it up. God Bless
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