It Will Be More Tolerable

It Will Be More Tolerable

Text: Matthew 11: 22 – But I say to you, it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the Day of Judgment than for you (New King James Version).

Jesus once told His disciples to remember Lot’s wife. The statement is very important to whosoever wants to live well here on earth and make heaven at last. Anyone who desire to be victorious over the flesh and the world must be ready to do what Paul did (1 Corinthians 9: 27). God gives everyone of us the opportunity to repent. In our age, the Bible

is there for us, we hear the word of God being preached on regular basis but hardly does the word make any impact on us. Many abuse the privilege we have. At only one message, Nineveh repented. Many of us have heard thousands of messages but no fruit to show for it.

In our text are some basic truths according to Three Fold Gospel Commentary. They are: 1. Every hearer of the gospel is left either much more

blessed or much more wretched. 2. That the miracles which Jesus wrought were calculated to lead men to repentance, for they demonstrated his authority to demand that man should repent. 3. That even among those who stand condemned at the judgment there is a difference, and that it shall be more tolerable for some than for others. 4. That God takes account of our opportunities when He comes to measure our guiltiness.

Do you abuse the opportunities you have? The number of opportunities you wasted will count against you. Beloved who is still in the church and playing pranks, now is your opportunity to repent before it will be too late. Give your life to Christ. Accept him as your Lord and personal Saviour.

Food for Thought: Punishment varies according to guilt and opportunities

Prayer Points
1. Pray you will not misuse opportunities you have of serving God.
2. Pray for the grace of God to remain focused all the days of your life

Article Written By Tabu

I am a born again Christian and priest; an author who also writes and publish a daily devotion - MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD. I love making friends, reading and writing.

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  • nbillett  19-12-2016
    The Scriptures tell us that suffering is the consequence of sin. Let us ask Jesus to teach us to embrace the unavoidable suffering of life, and keep us ever mindful of those who suffer more than we do.
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