God Heard Them: Devotion For Tuesday October 2, 2012

God heard them: Devotion for Tuesday October 2, 2012

Text: Exodus 2: 23 – After a long time, the King of Egypt died. The people of Israel groaned because they were forced to work very hard. When they cried for help, God heard them (New Century Version).

In Genesis 15: 13, God told Abraham that his descendants will certainly be strangers in a land that is not their own and they will serve them. However, that land will be judged (Genesis 15: 14). Going to the land of Egypt was fulfilled in the time of Joseph. They stayed after Joseph’s death and

a Pharaoh who does not know Joseph arose and the Israelites were subjected to torture, hard labour and killing of their male children (Exodus 1:9ff and Exodus 5: 6 – 9).
These tortures led out general out cry of the Israelites, which God heard and set out to liberate them because the appointed time has come. What is the lesson in this for us? See Psalm 102: 19 & 20. God’s plan was executed with outstretched

arm (Deut 26: 8). At times “God humbles his people by afflictions, that they should cry to him, and receive the fruit of his promise” according to Geneva Bible Notes. Affliction might have come because they have started living in luxury and forgot God. Are you living like that? Have you forgotten God? You should return to Him. You may have been crying thinking that God does not hear. He does and will act at the appropriate time.
Beloved be patient with God because that problem may have been predestined to glorify His name. The Psalmist confirms that God hears and deliver those who call upon Him (Psalm 34: 6 & 7). God is not heart hardened as to neglect the cry of His people. He will arise for you.

Food for Thought: Is it possible that God could harden His heart to your cry?

Prayer Points:
1. Thank God, He hears our cry and ask God to make haste to help you
2. Pray about those things that make you cry.

Article Written By Tabu

I am a born again Christian and priest; an author who also writes and publish a daily devotion - MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD. I love making friends, reading and writing.

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