Comfort For You: Devotion For Tuesday April 9, 2013

Comfort for you: Devotion for Tuesday April 9, 2013

Text: Isaiah 51: 12 – “I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are you that you should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man who will be made like grass (New King James Version)?

Many people become unnecessarily afraid. They fear cockroach, wall gecko, lizard and other little things. Presence of snake, other dangerous animals and wicked men will even snuff off life out of them. Many people are afraid of the unknown. They work themselves up about things that may not even

happen. When Almighty God is by our side we should not be afraid as we learnt yesterday.

One thing that brings fear among Christians is not being aware of our privileges and rights as Christians. Because of this, we can’t queue into them. The Israelites were expressing fear and doubt over their return from captivity but God’s desire and purpose was quite different (Isaiah 52: 11). Though there were oppositions and enemies, but God’s assurance was that of His comfort for them. This assurance is also for every believer today. He is the

one that comforts and consoles us. He gave us Jesus Christ to die for us. What else can he not do for us as long as we keep on trusting him?

Beloved be assured that no array of human opposition, however formidable, ought to dismay us because we have on our side the Maker of heaven and earth, before whom the mightiest oppressors are but as chaff before the whirlwind. These verses support the above statement – Psalm 27: 1; Psalm 56: 4, 9, 11; Psalm 118: 6 and Hebrews 13: 6. Who are you afraid of? Is it because he/she is your boss, your rich neighbour or partner in business? Do not be afraid, God is with you. He is the one that comforts and fights for us. He will do it for you. Our consolation is in Christ Jesus through whom God has granted us all we need in this life.

Food for Thought: Only the comfort God gives is permanent.

Prayer Points:
God, remove every form of fear in me and grant me your consolation

Article Written By Tabu

I am a born again Christian and priest; an author who also writes and publish a daily devotion - MY DAILY COVENANT WITH GOD. I love making friends, reading and writing.

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  • nbillett  23-02-2017
    whether we teach or work miracles, these abilities and ministries given us for the good of the community do not assure us that we are in the grace of God.
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  • nbillett  05-01-2017
    There will always be people who take advantage of God's word too support governments or to deceive the people.
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  • nbillett  18-12-2016
    Transformation is the purpose of our lives. Change is the only way to grow into our potential. In fact, if we are the same person we were even one year ago, or five years ago, ten years ago or God, god forbid, twenty years ago, if we haven't changed our mind, or our opinions, if we have not evolved spiritually, we aren't really living-not an engaged life anyway. Because absolutely everything in our lives is there for one reason and one reason alone: to offer us the opportunity to transform, to change our hearts, our minds and the way we relate to one another, God and all creation. Engaging in our own transformation is the way we can affect positive change in our lives and relationships, as well as in this world.
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